Picture this... 

You walk into that stunning model (just getting a feel for the home, its surroundings, etc.), and the on-site agent immediately asks you tons of questions (which - just between you and me - you shouldn’t be answering, because they WILL use it against you in the future - whether you realize it or not). Before you know it, you're feeling awkward, pressured, and maybe even a bit 'out of your league'.

LISTEN to me: I know how this story goes! I was a 'New Home Consultant' for almost 14 years, and I hate to admit it, but I did it! It was simply my JOB! Keep this fact in mind: That on-site agent works for the Builder/Seller, and not in your best interest, Simple As That.This isn't necessarily a bad thing; they're just fulfilling their expected fiduciary duty to their client.


Building a home is quite the process. It doesn’t always go smoothly. There will be issues. Builders' contracts are VERY ONE-SIDED and they're not geared towards your side! You owe it to yourself to have someone who has your back when the time comes.

I know a ton of New Home Agents, working with many different Builders. They are my friends. I know how all the Builders in the area work, which ones are good, and which ones aren’t so good. I know their plans, I know their included features, I know their pricing. I know their warranties or lack thereof, I know their processes, and I know how their financing works. I know what new locations they have coming, I know their sales managers, VP’s, Land Peeps, AND best of all I know their Incentives. 

You hear what I'm saying? I KNOW THIS WORLD! I can help you!

For example, how awesome would it be to walk in, ready to buy a New Home, armed with the knowledge (ahead of time) as to how much 'negotiation money' that New Home Salesperson has to work with? This alone is valuable information that can SAVE YOU THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS, TONS of AGGRAVATION & TONS OF TIME! And best of all, this service of hiring me as your Buyers Agent is FREE TO YOU!


Saving Money Equals Making MoneySaving Money Equals Making Money!


One last thing worth noting is the concept of Procuring Cause. In Real Estate it takes on the meaning of the real estate agent or broker who - by their actions in producing a buyer - brings about the sale of a property.

Everyone has the right to have representation when buying and selling real estate but a new tactic that builders are doing to save themselves a few bucks (actually, A LOT OF BUCKS!) is DENYING you that right to your own representation if you choose to walk through their door for the first time without a Buyer’s Agent.

What?!?! YES, let me say that in another way to make sure you absolutely get it...

Now, listen ya’ll… Listen Up! I get that you're super excited and just can’t wait to see that beautiful model home and get some floor plans and info. BUT, IF you walk through that door on your own, you may be DENIED Representation later! DO NOT WALK THROUGH A BUILDER'S DOOR BUILDER WITHOUT ME! I’m serious ya’ll! STOP! You better sit in the CAR, NOT GET OUT, and CALL ME before you walk into that Sales Office!

Lastly, you say, "OH DANG, I’ve DONE DONE THAT!" Yikes! It might be ok. Maybe... but without a Trusted Agent fighting on your side, how will you know?

You might be thinking, "Well it didn’t used to be this way". Sadly, ALL BUILDERS are moving in this direction, if they haven’t done so already. With rising cost of materials due to new tariffs and labor shortages, Builders are looking to save every dollar they can for their bottom line. It’s happening! Let me do my 'fiduciary best' to help you add money to your bottom line!


More Buying & Selling Tips Coming Soon! 

Wendy Choquette

Wendy Choquette

Owner/Broker/Realtor®, Choquette Properties