Kris Bates - Lead Generation Manager

Kris Bates - Lead Generation Manager


Choquette Properties

One of the first sUAV pilots to work with a national new home builder in the Charlotte Metro Area, Kris has an extensive photo and video portfolio of construction sites, new homes (both complete and under construction), and area/regional views covering Myrtle Beach to The Appalachian and Blue Ridge Mountains. 

In addition to being a Licensed Real Estate Broker and Realtor® in the state of North Carolina, Kris brings over 20 years experience in web design and SEO/Social Marketing skills to the table, incorporating new technologies like aeriography to help maximize marketing impact.   

As an AASI Certified Snowboard Instructor, Kris has also been teaching the majestic art and sport of snowboarding to children and adults of all ages for nine consecutive seasons in the mountains of North Carolina.